Discover This: Demonicera

The intense sound of Austrian band Demonicera is as terrifying as the band’s name suggests it ought to be. And it’s the realisation of the band’s attempts to hone their own unique death metal sound over the last few years.


Introducing: Godeater

Exciting Glasgow hard-hitters Godeater are a technical death metal band with melody at their core and the biggest issues facing modern society at their soul.

Introducing: Casket Robbery

Wisconsin band Casket Robbery‘s name alone has us excited, but taking a listen to their intensely heavy yet strangely catchy killer death metal riffs and pounding drums has us hooked. The … Continue reading Introducing: Casket Robbery

Introducing: End Of Salvation

“Heavy, apocalyptic, crushing.” These are the three words that Brad Hanson, drummer of death metal band End of Salvation, plucks out of the air when summarising the band’s bonecrushingly brutal … Continue reading Introducing: End Of Salvation