New Music Friday Round-Up: 13 July

It’s Friday the 13th but we’re feeling pretty lucky as we’ve got a host of awesome new music to wrap our ears around. Here’s our latest instalment of the latest, greatest new music, including a superb new album from one of Britain’s finest metal bands, new tracks from some up-and-coming British rockers and an EP from a scintillating new American prog-rock meets metal band.

Bury Tomorrow – Black Flame (Album)

I know this isn’t really our focus as Bury Tomorrow are massive, but, this is a piece of metal mastery from one of Britain’s leading metal bands. The Southampton five-piece have produced their best work to date with an astoundingly heavy yet polished album, which fuses delicious melodies with hard-hitting breakdowns and full-on brutality – all of which is perfectly portrayed by short sharp second track Adrenaline. Check out the video to the astoundingly good The Age below.

Give Black Flame a listen on Spotify and all the usual places, and give the band a follow on Facebook and Twitter.


Decayer – The Agony Cycle (EP)

Things don’t get much heavier than our favourite Arizonians Decayer. The deathcore band, who we first introduced you to back in March, have today released their second EP The Agony Cycle, and it’s intense, hard-hitting stuff. The huge vocals of Harrison Burkardt are seemingly relentlessly heavy, with able support from their trademark D-beat percussion and pounding guitars in some crushing breakdowns.

Opening track 16 Roses is an absolute onslaught on the senses, with some seriously powerful vocals topped off with a blood-curdling scream that brings in a huge metal breakdown. Then a run of three tracks called Agony, Bastard and Grieve gives you a sense of what we’re dealing with here. Agony in particular features some huge metal riffs alongside Harrison’s booming vocals, while Bastard features the terrifying scream of “Don’t worry your son won’t grow up to be a fatherless child, How could you leave your family to fend for themselves, Fend for themselves, Does the guilt weigh you down at night?”

The Agony Cycle is the perfect musical accompaniment to any Friday the 13th. Give it a listen on Spotify, and follow Decayer on Facebook and Twitter.

All Ears Avow – Sick (Single)

The Swindon rockers have an intriguing rock sound with the delicious vocals of Claire Sutton over a rocky backdrop. Sick starts off with a light keys intro leading into a laid-back opening verse with the delicious vocals “But I’d tear my heart out to watch you stay, It’s the kind of love you just wanna hate,” then a pre-chorus builds up to a heavier smash of vocals through a rocky chorus. We’re big fans of this band, and you can check out this latest track in the video below.

Give Sick a listen on Spotify and iTunes, and follow All Ears Avow on Facebook and Twitter.

(IAM)WARFACE – Closer (Single)

More electro-rock goodness from this exciting Brighton outfit, who describe their sound as ‘dirty sex rocktronica.’ Kinky. Closer opens up with slowly building electro noise that continues under drawn-out, echoey vocals from frontman Matt Warneford, that begin “Who, who am I, I’m just living to die.” The synth noises build up under the vocals “I move closer to you” then a big burst of stabby synth sounds kick in then a more dynamic synth background builds up under more laid-back vocals. It suddenly all drops out bar a repeating synth note then explodes into a big electro-rock noise.

Give it a listen on Spotify, and follow (IAM)WARFACE on Facebook and Twitter.

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Cake of Light (Single)

One of the greatest band names going, more easily referred to as Pigs x7, and a brilliant band to top it off. Cake of Light kicks off with a rolling fuzzy guitar riff that feeds into a verse of big cried vocals over bouncy guitars. There’s very much a Monster Magnet feel to this band with big fuzzy guitars leading the way.

This is the first single from the band’s new album King of Cowards, out in October, and you can give it a listen on Spotify and pre-order the album on Bandcamp. You can follow Pigs x 7 on Facebook and Twitter.

Theia – The Ghost Light (Album)

Big rocking guitar riffs and engaging vocals are present in plentiful amount from Burton-upon-Trent trio Theia and their new album The Ghost Light. It starts as it means to go on with the brilliant opening track What You Want, featuring big singalong vocals and fun driving riffs. While fifth track The Revelator is a personal favourite with its cool laid-back bluesy vocals and harmonica gradually building into a big rock-out and wah-infused guitars. This is an album with plenty of diversity, but plenty of blues inspired rock like the hugely enjoyable No Crisis. Check out closing track Throw Me A Bone in the video below.

Give The Ghost Light a listen on Spotify, and follow Theia on Facebook and Twitter.

Sick Joy – Stumbler (Single)

The Brighton via Newcastle (Brightoon, if you will) trio have a delicious post-rock grungey sound that is perfectly portrayed by Stumbler, the latest single from their debut EP released earlier this year. A jumpy guitar riff opens up then a cry of “Hey!” brings in a cool laid-back opening verse, but it explodes into life in an energetic chorus. A second chorus is followed by a big guitar solo over driving drums, which drops down into light guitars over repeats of “Stumbling, yeah yeah” before going out in a big smash of the chorus.

Give it a listen in the stream below and on Spotify, and check out Sick Joy on Facebook and Twitter.

Hyvmine – Fight or Flight (EP)

Guitar-led progressive rock at its very finest, we’re loving what we hear from Hyvmine. This EP may only contain three songs but it lasts well over half an hour, including the 12:31 epic Feather Bed, which features a ridiculously good guitar solo half-way through. We’ll be bringing more from this exciting Los Angeles-band with an interview next week, so stay tuned for more on them shortly. This is a superb EP from a really exciting band, to get a taster of it check out this guitar play-through of second track The Epicoustic in the video below.

Listen to Fight or Flight on Spotify, and follow Hyvmine on Facebook and Instagram.

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