New Band of the Week: Salt Hill

Having eased people into their alternative-rock meets metal sound with their debut EP, Merseyside/Chesire rockers Salt Hill have ripped the lid off their experimental edge with their superb new single Summit.

The quintet of Laura Glover, Jacob Owens and Ari, Heath and Meir Curran first formed a couple of years ago and trialled a couple of genres and styles before wisely settling on their current heavy alt-rock focus. But the addition of Laura, a few months before the aforementioned EP, really topped off their sound, with her engaging vocals perfectly complementing the big atmospheric rocky instrumentals.

Indeed, Jacob summarises their sound as “Sex on ice,” which we’re not sure would be a pleasurable experience, or otherwise, but it does nicely sum up the quintet’s offering. When asked to expand on this statement, Jacob tells us: “Our sound is a euphony of vigorous beats, raunchy bass-lines, heavy riffs, and creamy leads, topped off with melodic vocals to create the signature Salt Hill sound. In short… it’s aight.”

And the latest offering of this, Summit, tells us this is more than “aight.” Summit opens up with heavy guitars and rolling drums then bursts of higher-pitched guitars in an atmospheric intro. Laura’s light vocals come in over the top, then intensify in engaging high-pitched vocals alongside a low-tuned riff. A huge cry of “Strip me until I’m naked” sees everything drop out and give way to a big singalong chorus, then drop back into lighter high vocals.

The big riff and Laura’s heavier vocals “I’m trying hard to understand why everything must come to an end, And life flashed before my eyes, I am grateful, I am safe, Who is gonna take my place, Why should you decide on me,” return in an edgy pre-chorus that again feeds into a big chorus. Bursts of guitar come in, then palm-muted guitar chords and pounding drums over building vocals give way to one last heavy blast of the chorus.

It’s a huge, intense track that gives us reason to be very excited about what’s coming from this new band. On it, Jacob tells us: “It’s a song with a drop-tuned heavy punch, as well as tempo changes, angular riffs, dissonant chords, and dynamic, clean vocals that contrast to create an eerie yet melodic metal sound.” Check it out below:

And our previous statement about easing us into their music doesn’t exactly mean you should expect something light and peaceful. Far from it. For example, title track Covet opens up with lively guitars and driving drums that feed into a verse led by Laura’s engaging vocals powering their way over a heavy instrumental backdrop and into a quick catchy chorus. Give it a listen below:

The band’s musical influences are extremely eclectic, but find common ground in the likes of Deftones, Evanescence, Gojira, Tremonti and Tool.

And when it comes to what inspires their music, Jacob explains: “We’re all influenced by different things when it comes to our writing. It’s a cathartic and gratifying experience, and when we listen to the music we love, it makes us want to create something that good and share it with the world. Lyrically, we don’t write about religion or politics, we write about what we know and what we’ve personally experienced. We write about the human condition.

“We’ve all come from families of failed musicians, and we really wanted to live up to our family names. But for real, we’re all huge fans of metal music and have been musicians for many years. Writing and playing music is what drives us. We are humid, prepossessing homo sapiens with full-sized aortic pumps.”

There’s plenty more to come from the band, including a few shows at the end of the year, ahead of getting back into the studio to record new material. So rest assured that this is a band you need to keep firmly on your radar as we head into 2020.

You can follow Salt Hill on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify and iTunes.

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