New Band of the Week: Pizza Crunch

Scottish quartet Pizza Crunch offer up an infectious sound that fuses alternative 80s influences with modern indie and rock, which they describe as “melodic, stimulating and introspective.”

The band come from the centre of Scotland, with vocalist Ewan Hearns, guitarist Nathan and drummer Nico all living in Glasgow and bassist Craig living in Edinburgh. They started up when Ewan, Nathan and Nico met at University then teaming up with Craig, who grew up in Inverness with Ewan.

The band have since honed a catchy post-punky sound led by delicious guitar licks and roguishly charming lyrics that have seen them play a festival in Rotterdam and enjoy several venue sellouts around Glasgow. As Ewan explains: “I think we take a lot of influences from that kind of 80s alternative era, like Pulp, Joy Divison, and The Cure. Then moving on a bit we take a lot from Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, The Vaccines (excluding the new record) and, more recently, Wolf Alice.

“It’s always hard to describe your sound. I’d say we fall in the kind of modern indie area with our past releases, but we are really looking to move past that in 2022.”

Our first taste of this was their sixth Motivational Substances, which was released in November. It opens up with a funky darting riff that drops into a moody opening verse led by Ewan’s engaging vocals. It picks up in melody as it builds to a big catchy chorus “I’d like to spend the night just once, Without a motivational substance, Agitation forever a friend, Oh to be an addict again” that gives way to the funky opening riff.

The second chorus drops into a little lick before a cool guitar solo takes over. That feeds into a final blast of the chorus as the opening riff returns one final time.

On the track, Ewan told us: “Every single is different. In terms of reach, it’s been okay, it’s not exploded like some others we have released. But in terms of reception from those who have heard it, it has been really positive, which is what we care about most. It always seems to be one people like at gigs also.

“In terms of what to expect, the verses follow this melodic riff and the choruses are quite explosive. I really like the lyrics in this one too, they follow a clear path and I didn’t compromise any words or phrases to fit the melody. If I wrote it as a poem the words would be the exact same, which is always nice.”

That’s been followed by latest single Flatfoot. It also opens up with a fun little riff that drops into a laid-back verse and gradually picks up pace. The result of that is an engaging chorus that concludes with a return of the lively opening riff.

The song intensifies with stabs of guitar under Ewan’s vocals, which builds up to a delicious little guitar solo over driving drums. And the heavy rhythms continue through a final rendition of the chorus. Check it out here:

Ewan tells us Pizza Crunch’s music has been heavily influenced by Arctic Monkeys’ Suck It And See album, which we’ll see more of as the year progresses. As he explains: “The music we will bring out in summer of 2022 is heavily inspired by soundtrack composers like Cliff Martinez and Johnny Jewel. The new Wolf Alice record has played a role as well. Declan Welsh and the Decadent West are a big one for us too.”

And on what inspires them to write music, Ewan adds: “I think most people have some sort of way to express themselves and for some its music or writing. If I didn’t play an instrument I would still write so I think it’s just an avenue to be more honest for me. I think even people really close to me find out things about me in my lyrics. Nathan and Craig are more inspired by melodies and the way sound makes them feel.”

There’s plenty more to come from Pizza Crunch this year, including a “more extensive” project the band has been working hard on. The band also hope to have more shows across the UK before getting back to recording towards the end of 2022.

You can follow Pizza Crunch on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp and YouTube.

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