Introducing: Coldharbour

Having reclaimed our place blogging about the best new metal bands, what better way our return than with something bone-crunchingly dark and heavy? Well, Tampa Bay and Cincinnati-based (we haven’t quite worked out the logistics of that yet) collective Coldharbour offer exactly that in a brutal melodic deathcore meets metalcore sound they describe as “aggressive, melodic and emotional.”

The quartet initially started out as a fun project between long-time Cincinnati music scene and college friends Jacob Wallace (vocals), Josh Hansen (guitar) and Drew Hardin (drums).  A couple of years later, they completed the lineup with bassist Tyler Monell through mutual connections in the local music scene.

And on the sound they’ve honed since, the band tell us: “We aren’t out to reinvent the wheel with our music.  We aim for beautiful composition and ultimately a fresh take on the genres of deathcore and metalcore while remaining a pleasant listening experience.”

Our latest offering of this is the band’s debut album Soul Tempest, which was released earlier last month. On the album, the band said: “This album is really a culmination of two of the hardest years any of us in the band have ever had to face.  So to say we have been able to persevere through it all as well as make some of the best and most mature music we have ever made is a huge accomplishment to us as a band.  Our excitement to release this album can’t simply be stated in just a couple words.  Listeners should expect aggressive rhythms, crisp screams with haunting singing and emotional arrangements from every track.”

Our first taste of the album was its second single The Individual – which covers topics that YouTube deems so dark that it encourages you to visit a link to The Samaritans when you open the video. The track epitomises the band’s intense sound, opening up with vicious screamed vocals that drop into a dark, gothic instrumental section. The pace picks up in a savage section of screamed vocals supported by wild drums and stabbing guitars. The brutality continues, with nerve-wracking high-pitched guitars and frankly terrifying vocals. Check it out here:

Things get a little more djenty on the album’s title track, which opens up with funky guitars that continue under Jacob’s brutal vocals. It soon drops into a more laid-back section of mellow guitars over chugging chords and clean vocals, which continue alongside a flurry of delicious guitars.

And if you like the sound of that then you’ll love the album opener Hivemind, which starts with a cry of “So full of shit” before filthy low-tuned guitars. Jacob’s guttural vocals are at their finest throughout, starting with a delicious section in which his vocals are mimicked by stabbing guitar notes. Dark synths enter the fray before diving into vicious screamed vocals then faster guttural vocals drop into a return of the synths alongside big chugging guitars. Check it out in the video here:

And there’s much more where all of that comes from on Soul Tempest, including the brilliantly named Stoned To Death and the particularly dark and the excellent final track It Spills Into The Aether.

Coldharbour’s core musical influences include the likes of Whitechapel, Humanity’s Last Breath, Glass Cloud and Tesseract. And on what inspires them to write music, they tell us: “We have always written music inspired by our personal experiences.  This album is specifically focused on how we each have been affected by larger societal issues over the past two years including substance abuse, digital addictions, tribalism and more. Much of the lyric writing is focused on dissecting these issues.

“One thing we all really enjoy about Coldharbour is that we have not restricted ourselves to any one sound.  We are constantly searching for ways to evolve our music while maintaining a great listening experience. “

There’s much more to come from Coldharbour, given they’ve already started work on their second full-length album and plan to release more music later this year. They also hope to have shows coming soon as COVID restrictions ease up.

You can follow Coldharbour on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music and YouTube.

Listen to Coldharbour on our Spotify playlists GigRadar Core and GigRadar Metal

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