Introducing: New Habits

Utah band New Habits formed with the intent to inspire listeners to develop new habits and better their lives and relationships. The fully DIY, self-managed band offers up positive messages through a hard-hitting post-hardcore sound they describe as “invigorating, eclectic and raw.”

The Salt Lake City quintet of Aaron Daniel (vocals), Patrick Dougherty and Tyler Larrabee (guitars), Zach Arns (bass and vocals), and Andrew Carlston (drums) got together after playing shows together in various projects and recognising their varying interests, tastes and backgrounds as an opportunity to create fresh new music. The result is an engaging sound that fuses everything from Aaron’s love for EDM and pop to Andrew’s background drumming for Chelsea Grin.

As Zach tells us: “We all bring something unique to the table in the creative process and it’s been thrilling to see what we can produce as a result. New Habits is a culmination of elements from varying genres. Whatever style of rock you’re a fan of, there’s definitely something for everyone throughout our catalogue.”

We spoke to the band around the release of Pulling Petals earlier this year. It kicks off with a delicious diving riff supported by background high-pitched sounds, before dropping into vicious screamed vocals and rolling drums. Lighter vocals come in and feed into a big atmospheric chorus “With buried bones, Poison the soil with seeds you sow, As above, so below.”

Another booming riff takes over then the pace drops for an ‘EDMy’ verse, before big screamed vocals feed into another chorus. More melodic guitars come in before rolling drums build the atmosphere and are joined by a crushing riff – before a surprisingly heavy ending of vicious screamed vocals.

On the track, Zach told us: “We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the reception. People seem to enjoy how it shares roots (pun intended) with Lost in the Grey, while adding some new dynamics that our previous single did not showcase. For anyone who hasn’t listened to it, we would tell you the same thing before you listen to any of our upcoming singles – expect to hear a side to our music that we haven’t shown you yet.” Check it out here:

More recently, the band released Poor Old Me, which features GigRadar favourite Charlie Rolfe from As Everything Unfolds, in May. Electronic sounds creep into a heavy instrumental intro, before diving into a lively opening verse. That leads into a huge catchy chorus “I’m taking no blame, I’m tearing the pages, Poor old me, I’ll fake for display, Forever complacent, Always getting in the way.”

A heavier second verse follows and feeds into another big chorus, which drops into a cool little instrumental section. Suddenly, Charlie’s unmistakable growls take over “Don’t blame me, poor old me” before big cries of “always getting in the way, I’ll never blame me” as Charlie joins in with Aaron for a chorus that brings the track to a close. Give it a listen here:

But the band have a great catalogue of music for you to get stuck into, including the delicious Reasons To Leave, the vicious Lost In The Grey and hard-hitting – dare we say it, Linkin Park-esque? – debut single Devil. Give it a listen here to see what you think.

As mentioned above, the band’s members bring a range of musical interests to the table, as well as sharing a love for Bring Me The Horizon, Sleep Token and Spiritbox. Aaron is a huge fan of Illenium, Chainsmokers and other EDM/pop artists. Patrick is a big fan of bands like Counterparts and Tyler loves the band Currents. Andrew listens to artists like In Flames and Gojira, while Zach listens to the likes of The 1975, Bad Suns or an old Daft Punk record.

The band also carries a powerful message and positive attitude. Members have dealt with events like depressive episodes, existential crisis, drug dependence, anxiety, family bereavement and relapse, which could easily lead to nihilism and cynicism. Instead, they focus on overturning and overcoming these moments.

And on what inspires their music, Zach says: “We typically start by creating instrumentals that make us feel SOMETHING. Once a track is in a place where we can feel it taking us on an emotional journey, I like to listen to it a few times on repeat to see what it wants to be written about. Whether a song inspires us to write something geopolitical like Lost in the Grey, or personal and raw like Pulling Petals, we keep a focus on exploring how we can turn the lyrics into exploring not just a problem, but a solution, as well.”

There’s plenty more to come from New Habits, with the focus on regularly releasing singles for the foreseeable future and filming some live vocal and instrumental playthroughs before looking into live shows and touring.

And Zach added: “Our hope is that through listening to our music, you can find some inspiration to further your own growth and development as a human being. We’ve all been through a lot as individuals, and we want to share the lessons we’ve learned by integrating it into the art we create. But we’ll also settle for seeing you involuntarily head-bobbing to some catchy melodies or filthy breakdowns.”

You can follow New Habits on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

Listen to New Habits on our Spotify Playlists GigRadar Metal and GigRadar Post-Hardcore

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