Introducing: HAAS

Fancy some powerful pop-rock that’ll have you screaming your heart out in a bid to remove the stresses, pain and annoyances of your life? Then Virginia rock project HAAS will deliver just that.

The band is deeply personal to vocalist Sam Haas. As she explains: “HAAS was created after playing around with ideas of starting a band. I wanted to create something in honor of my grandfather, who was the other musician in the family, and bring stories to people with whom they can relate to. Music has always had some pull over me that I can’t describe. It is the only outlet where I truly feel I am 100% my authentic self.”

Sam released debut EP Love & Loss last month, from which delicious single and opening track Mama Always Told Me was our first taste of the band. It opens up with chugging guitar chords then bursts into bigger chords before dropping into opening vocals “Summer ’16 the worst time for me, Found out you messed with my mind, Disgusted by the memory.” The guitars begin to build up as the vocals continue “You always said you were just friendly, Never thought I’d be looking into the eyes of memory.”

It builds up to a big singalong chorus “I’ll forgive you for what you did, I’m sorry that I let it happen, Hope she’s as good as it gets, Hope the sex is perfect, There’s a wound that’s forever split, But it’s up to someone else to fix it, Mama always told me you were never worth it.” Big vocals after the second chorus drop into a lighter version of the chorus before bursting into one final rendition.

On the track, Sam told us: ” The reception has been great! People are loving the song and I am so so happy about that. For anyone who hasn’t listened you can be expecting a power anthem. This song is basically letting people know that mama is always right and you should follow your intuition because I didn’t and was hurt deeply by it.”

The rest of the EP delivers on Sam’s promise of music that’s “powerful, raw and fun.” That includes second track Neon Love, which opens with big guitars and drops into light vocals, gradually building with the vocals “All you do is get high with your friends, Just keep getting high with your friends, Don’t seem to care about anything… Especially me.”

And that bursts into a lively fast-paced chorus with the fun lyrics “I’m a minx, I’m a bore, I bear all the scars of your carnivorous words, I’m too this too that, Doing doing who knows what with who knows who, Leaving you is the only thing I’ve ever been certain about… Fuck you with your backward ways, Out of everyone I’m the one who’s stayed, Your saving grace, Don’t crawl back saying you’ve changed, Too little too damn late.”

This is a great example of Sam’s brilliantly angsty, easily-relatable lyrics delivered in a delicious way with a catchy rocky backdrop. Give it a listen below:

Similar is lively penultimate track Didn’t Raise No Man, which includes the brilliant chorus lines “So thank you for hurting me, And thank you for teaching me that someone is going to love me for me, Holy cow let’s make excuses, Honestly you were always clueless.”

As mentioned above, the band and the music is very personal – and that comes across in the hugely enjoyable lyrics. On what inspires her to write music, Sam tells us: “I love to write about things I witness and things that have happened to me personally. I write about worldly issues, relationships, love, loss, anxiety, depression. It changes day to day but is always influenced by things around me. Like I said before, music is the only outlet that allows me to put my authentic self out there. In a world full of social media where you have to be this or that, HAAS’ music allows me to put all of that stress on paper.”

While her music is inspired by a vast range of artists, from the most obvious comparisons Paramore and Avril Lavigne through to the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Panic! At The Disco, 5 Seconds of Summer and Against The Current. As Sam puts it: ” HAAS’ sound is mainly pop/rock but I love taking influences from all genres. I am looking forward to playing around with new sounds in the studio this summer.”

As Sam alludes to, there’s more to come from HAAS soon, so stay tuned! And, as she adds: “I want people to know that HAAS’ shows and music are a place of inclusivity. We want people to be excited to see us and meet new people! I can’t wait to meet you all and play an awesome show for you! We love you more than you will ever know.”

You can follow HAAS on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and iTunes.

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