Discover This: Queen’s Teeth

A mixture of British and American band members as well as crossing the boundaries of alternative rock, hard rock and metal makes Chicago-based Queen’s Teeth an intriguing proposition.

The band released their second album Dark Love Dirty Magic back in April and sent us the opening track Made By Machines, which ensures the album gets off to one hell of a start.

Made By Machines opens up with a funky little riff that’s soon by joined by a mass of drums then drops into repeating high-pitched stabs of guitar over a lower riff and drums, then layered vocals.

The vocals pick up with the line “You are the sun, You are the moon, You are the shadows that fill the room,” then big guitars imitate the melody of “Who are you now, Who are you supposed to be.” The guitars and vocals continue to intensify, then drop into a spinning little guitar lick that drops into big booming guitars over unrelenting drums.

Another dark and brooding verse takes over, with high-pitched guitars in the background, and gradually builds up to the intense chorus again. That’s followed by the spinning guitar lick, then drops down into light piano supported by a bassline, then rolling drums and a little burst of guitar bring it to an interesting ending. Give it a listen below:

The heavy feeling continues on the album’s second track Orange Menace, which opens with noise over a bassline then a big burst of guitars and drawn-out vocals. Stabbing guitars come in alongside punchy vocals “On the TV in front of me, Who is this fool who talks to me, A million mistakes to make a nation break, A million mistakes to make a nation shake” then more of the cool drawn-out vocals.

The album is packed with punky rock-meets-metal goodness. A personal favourite is Fall Down, which opens up with funky guitars that continue and build into a searing lick under equally building vocals. It all builds up to a huge ending of high-pitched repeating guitars and almost shouted vocals then intense guitars and drums to bring it to a close. Take a listen below:

We had a chat with guitarist Maria Poulos – who is also a violinist and takes on lead vocals on four tracks on the album – to find out more about this intriguing band. Read on below…

GR: Who are Queen’s Teeth?

MP: “Queen’s Teeth met in the Chicago area and have been playing together for seven years. Members come from the US and UK, giving the band an international feel. The first-ever song they wrote together was about space travel and friendship. The whole backstory is actually on our website.”

GR: You sent us Made By Machines to have a listen to. What should people be expecting from the song?

MP: “We like to think of this song as an explosion of energy with a progressive and calming end. We like to write songs where the listener can interpret the meaning for themselves.”

GR: How would you describe your sound to people that haven’t listened to you yet? 

MP: “It’s a mix of Black Sabbath, early PJ Harvey, The Runaways and L7. Alternative rock sometimes with a harder edge and a mix of the political.”

GR: What influences you to write music? Any key themes or topics that you write about?

MP: “The name of our latest album Dark Love Dirty Magic covers the main themes of our music. The ‘Dark Love’ part covers political and sexual violence, friendships gone wrong, and paranoia. The ‘Dirty Magic’ part is about the mysterious and unknown. We write music to give voice to a different perspective of what’s happening in the world.”

GR: Which bands/musicians are/have been your strongest musical influences? 

MP: “Joan Jett, Heart, Violent Femmes, PJ Harvey, Black Sabbath, Nine Inch Nails.”

GR: What have you got coming up through the rest of 2019?

MP: “We have a new video coming out (hopefully within the next two weeks or so) for Made by Machines.”

GR: Anything else you’d like people to know about you/your music? 

MP: “We’re not doing this for fame or money or having some song go viral. We love music. We love making music. And we just want to find like-minded people that enjoy what we create.”

You can follow Queen’s Teeth on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp.

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