New Band of the Week: Majin

Deathcore sextet Majin will cast a spell over you with their punishing, brutal cyberpunk influenced sound that they describe as “forward thinking groove” and “deathcore in technicolour.”

The Southampton-based band started out as a three-piece after frontman Sam posted a status about wanting to start a band. Guitarist and producer Jack responded and they immediately set about recording their first track Monolith, which comes from debut EP Warpath, along with drummer Liam.

They soon started working with Gregor MacMillan – who we previously featured with former band Serenity Came Calling in 2017 – as their manager but he quickly transitioned to second vocalist. And the band was completed by bassist James and guitarist Miles. As Sam tells us: “We’re really excited by our line up now. The chemistry is great and we’re proud of what we’re doing.”

Despite only releasing Warpath last year, the band have already been busy with a series of four further singles plus a savage cover of KoRn’s Freak On A Leash.

Our latest taste of the Majin sound is the huge Binary Incantation, which was released last month. It starts out with huge low-tuned guitars and pounding drums with piercing high-pitched stabs. That feeds into throat-busting screamed vocals over lively drums and guitars, then the piercing stabs return over atmospheric synths then huge cries of “Make me bleed.”

The pace drops a little with repeating synth sounds followed by a heavily effects-ridden cry of “I have been summoned by a Binary Incantation.” Huge low-tuned guitars kick in under vocals “I am not who you thought I was, Within me is the power of god’s, Blood upon steel carries my mantel” all answered by creepy cries of “Binary incantation.”

That gives way to a filthy riff over pounding drums and bass, before a funky little synth bass is answered by a crushing section of heavy bass and guitars over faster vocals. A really cool little stabbing guitar riff, which at first listen sounds like a bass solo, takes over, then a stabbing guitar sound under cries of “You don’t know what it means to be a fiend like me, You don’t know what it means to lose everything” bring the track to a close.

On the track, Miles tells us to expect: “Large syncopated groove with a tonne of ambience, synths and soundscapes, mixed with modern deathcore sensibilities.” Check it out in the video below:

That followed previous single Sirens, which opens up with a stabbing bass before launching into huge screamed vocals over intense guitars and drums and a distant atmospheric synth. Heavy groove instrumentals take over and feed into screamed vocals “Wires connected, Virus spreading, System failing, Its time to override.”

It feeds into an atmospheric section of synth and stabbing guitars, which drop into light synth and a bubbling bassline. An electronic voice takes over during a period of calm, which is smashed open by huge low-tuned guitars and searing synth. Check out this powerful track in the video below:

Both of those tracks followed brutal cyberpunk anthem Night City Drift. The track, which as the name suggests carries inspiration from Cyberpunk 2077, is packed with filthy breakdowns, savage guitars and searing synths. It builds up to an absolute dystopian nightmare with growing synths, booming low-tuned guitars and savage rolling drums before a mass of noise bring the tracks to a close. You can check it out in the really cool lyric video here:

The Majin sound has been inspired by a range of heavy bands, from Emmure, Darko US and Alpha Wolf to Humanity’s Last Breath, Oceano and Meshuggah.

And on what inspires them to write music, Sam tells us: “We really don’t like to preach or tell people how to think, so we avoid political or anti-religious lyrics. Sometimes we explore darker, more serious topics but for the most part we write songs about things we enjoy. A lot of our lyrics are about things we just love like video games and anime. It’s more about storytelling for us.”

There’s plenty more to come from Majin through 2021, most of which they say they can’t tell us yet. But this is very much a band to keep an eye out for with their intriguing futuristic approach, metal and electronic fusions, severely heavy sound and brutal breakdowns.

And Gregor adds: “We want to thank everyone who’s supported us this far. From the growing number of people jamming our tunes, to Jack from Virulent Apparel, Hattie and Ryan who teamed up with us on the Nothing Dies collab, Cal from Lenged Out and Acid Drip, Toby from Our Hollow, Our Home and many others. Too many to name but those guys know who they are. They’re legends. We have some incredible people in our corner and to us it’s all about the team game. Like we said, 2021 is shaping up to be a crazy year. We’re just proud to have great people along for the ride.”

You can follow Majin on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer.

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