Introducing: Murder In Rue Morgue

Prepare yourself to be flattened by a freight train of intense metalcore goodness in the form of Albany, New York, quartet Murder In Rue Morgue.

The band first formed way back in January 2011 and its formative period was heavily inspired by the release of In Flames’ Sounds Of Playground Fading album later that year.

The lineup of CJ Carr (screamed vocals and guitar), Dan Ouimette (clean vocals and guitar) and John Wolff (bass) was completed by drummer Matthew Biss in April 2016. And they’ve since had the chance to support the aforementioned In Flames, as well as the likes of Mushroomhead, Dying Fetus, Flotsam and Jetson and Nonpoint, which gives you an idea of the heaviness we’re dealing with here.

Murder In Rue Morgue released their debut full-length album Endless Cycles last month, and it’s chocked full of lively metal goodness. It throws us right into the deep end with an intense avalanche of screams and barrage of pounding guitars and drums in the intro to Icarus, which soon drop into a catchy chorus of clean vocals “Days turn into nights and there’s nothing left to hide, Madness is taking over, There’s nothing left for me.”

That’s followed by the delicious chugging opening riff to Into The Light, which intensifies over pounding drums and continues under heavy screamed vocals. A chorus sees clean vocals “Out of darkness into the light, All my shadows have come to life” countered by cries of “Now you die.” That’s met by a smash of booming riffs, which plough on through another intense second verse.

The pace drops out after the second chorus, only for a huge breakdown under a cry of “Now you die” with eerie synths under heavy guitar chords giving way to a final chorus. Give it a listen below:

Speaking of heavy riffing leads us to Carbon Copy, which opens up with more pounding drums and low-tuned guitars before diving into a lively verse of screamed vocals. The clean vocals return for a chorus of “Carbon copy, We are the one and the same, Carbon copy, We live our lives in shame” then a huge scream of “In shame” welcomes in a return of the chugging low guitars.

The second chorus ends on chugging guitars, then huge screams of “Shame” as creepy synths come in over the unrelenting guitar chords and fed into a final blast of the chorus. Check it out below:

But a personal favourite from the album is penultimate track Rise Inside, which opens up with particularly In Flames-inspired riff then a big cry of “Let’s go” leads into a heavy smash of the same riff. Gruff screamed vocals continue over the unrelenting riff, then chugging low-tuned chords support huge screamed vocals “Rise inside, If we die then we die, Together.”

Drawn-out clean vocals take over as it briefly goes a bit more melodic to provide your neck with a temporary respite from the intense chugging riff. Give this banger of a tune a listen below:

The band’s sound has been heavily influenced by Swedish metal bands like In Flames and Soilwork, as well as the likes of Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, Pantera, Metallica and Trivium.

While the inspiration behind their music is wide and varied. As Dan explains: “As we write new songs we are influenced by all sorts of things. We have songs that are written about Lord of The Rings, songs about video games, songs about finding strength through hard times and making it through, and many other topics.”

The band just finished up a run of shows in the New York area, including supporting Hatebreed last month, and are set for a big run of shows through 2020.

You can follow Murder In Rue Morgue on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify and YouTube.

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